Caravan repaires

Caravan Repairs
    Is your caravan your pride and joy? Your caravan can be your gateway to easy weekends away. It is a perfect way to spend time with your family and friends. No doubt you have had many good times and fine memories away with your caravan.   But a caravan also represents an investment, and it is all too easy for your caravan to deteriorate, leading to damp and other problems. This can be minimised by following these top hints to keep your caravan in tip top condition so you can continue to have great weekends away.   1) Store your caravan carefully Storing your caravan carefully, if possible in shelter and with the wheels on shaped blocks. This will protect the caravan from the worst of weather and from the tyes becoming damaged. This will save money in the long run. 2) Open the windows whenever possible It doesn’t take much for moisture to build up in a caravan, and this can lead to damp problems or even mould. Opening the windows and any vents whenever you have chance will allow the moisture to escape. 3) Cook outside when possible It might not always be practical, but try cooking outside when possible using a portable camping stove. As well as enhancing your trip by enjoying the fresh air, it will reduce the steam and moisture in the caravan, preventing damp problems. 4) Check for developing damp regularly Take the time to check for damp regularly. Look for mould patches, condensation or bubbling on the wall surfaces. Don’t just look in the obvious places like the toilet cubicle, but pull the cushions off the settee and open cupboards to check everywhere. 5) Invest in caravan repairs when problems develop Often, problems that need caravan repairs can start small. It could be a small leak around a window, signs of damp on the floor, or an unusual creak when you move the pilot wheel or handbrake. This is the time to look into caravan repairs. The thing about problems that develop in a caravan is that they can seem insignificant for a while, but if left, they can become major problems. Take the time to deal with caravan repairs as soon as you notice a problem, and this will reduce the chance of facing a more substantial problem.   For the very best in caravan repairs, you can rely on D.E.M. Motor and Motorcaravan Repairs. They have years of experience in providing caravan repairs for all models and types of caravan. Whatever problem you are facing, they are the experts at caravan repairs who can help you. One specialist service they offer is body repairs for caravans and motorhomes.   As well as specialising in caravan repairs, the team also service caravans and motorhomes, as well as offering vehicle MOTs and breakdown recovery services. They sell bespoke campers, perfect for your bespoke camping needs. Whether you are in need of caravan repairs or other related services, contact the team to see how they can help you.

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